Growing up in Canada, I always knew I would end up living abroad. With the exception of a short stay in Malaysia for an internship (my first taste of South-East Asia), I spent most of the past decade living and working in South America. Since June of 2011, I have called Hong Kong my home. I am hopeful that it will also be for good. It seems that I have finally reached the “I want to settle down” phase, much to my mother’s relief. And this island seems to be just the right place for me.


A little bit about myself

I love mountain biking on muddy trails… but I also enjoy treating myself to a nice pedicure every once in a while.

I enjoy sipping on a glass of fine red wine… but I also like biting into a freshly made bbq pork bun at an authentic hole in the wall restaurant.

I crave mac & cheese when I miss home…

I definitely DON’T like chicken feet and duck tongue. Tried it. Don’t like.

A little bit about the blog

While I do enjoy the occasional shopping session and champagne brunch on Sundays (the glamorous part of my Hong Kong life), I must admit that I still prefer the other side of HK: the mountains and the sea, the savory local food and the quirky places far away from the tourist traps. This blog will focus more on the latter.

You can find out more about the reasons behind my blog by reading my first post.

Good readings! Enjoy Hong Kong!


3 Responses to “About”

  1. James August 9, 2012 at 6:10 PM #

    Hi Kina! Thank you for leaving such thoughtful comments on my blog.

    I love the focus of your website and although we do live up to the image of the skyscraper jungle with its seething mass of humanity, Hong Kong’s wild and natural side is often completely overlooked. When I lived overseas I sorely missed the jagged mountains and all those lush islands dotting the warm, subtropical seas. For such a small place it really does pack in a lot of punch!

    Although I can’t claim to be athletic in any respect, I grew up doing winter hikes around Sai Kung so I’ve always had a soft spot for hiking. I love being in the water as well – swimming is most probably my favourite sport but I haven’t indulged in that for a while now. (Do junk trips count?)

    Earlier this summer I landed an editorial job at the adventure travel mag ‘Action Asia’ – at the moment it’s an internship but fingers crossed they’ll soon be hiring me full-time. There is a certain irony to it considering that we spend the working week cooped up in an airtight office block! It’s funny that you brought up MoonTrekker – two of my colleagues will also be doing the race (although it may well be the 26k event) so you might just rub shoulders with them!

    • Kina August 10, 2012 at 7:00 AM #

      Hi James! Thank you for your comment and your interest in my blog!

      Good luck with the internship! What a great opportunity! As you said, fingers crossed that it will become a long-term gig for you. I am an avid reader of that magazine and I will volunteer and hopefully participate in some of the events organized by Action Asia.

      Enjoy the rest of the summer. Hopefully you find some time for hiking and swimming. And I’ll say yes, junk trips do count. Why not!


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